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Effective Tips on How to Dress your Apple Shaped Body

If you have an apple shape body, your gain weight is concentrated in your tummy. For some, their shape has always been like this. For others, they have grown into this shape as soon as the peri-menopausal stage began.

If you have an apple-shape body, then you have a full and rounded stomach without a defined waist. Your bust size is average to large. Next, you have broad upper arms and/or shoulders but behind that is flat. Furthermore, you have nice and thin legs.

As such, your dressing goal is to hide your belly. You must be able to learn how to show off your nice legs. Below are some of the best tips that help you with it.


In wearing dresses from Yishion, make sure that it has elevated waistlines that are located below the bust. An empire waist dress will work well for you. Just make sure that it doesn’t have a lot of gathering at the banding. If you have too much bulk at the banding, it will make you look pregnant.

Meanwhile, try on a wrap dress. These apple shape clothes work best for you because the V-neckline will emphasize the bust. See to it that you that the tie wrap of the dress will sit under the bust and not around the belly.

A tunic or shift dress that is not baggy and falls straight down is good for you. Another best dress style is the drop waist that narrows at your hips. Make sure that you leave nothing tight around your belly.


In choosing a jacket from Yishion, make sure that you choose a structured jacket versus a loose, long skirt, or flowing dress. See to it that the jacket ends at your hips. If it ends at your belly, all eyes will focus on it.

Do not wear double-breasted jackets. This will only make you look overly wide and busty. Moreover, wearing a duster vest or coat that ends above the knee will help you look slimmer.


In selecting pants, opt for those that stretch for your belly. To balance you out, it is best to choose trousers leg or boot cut pants. Meanwhile, tapered jeans will make you appear top-heavy.

Make sure that you select pants with a smooth front. Pull-on pants will look best on you. You can also try pants with zippers on their sides and not on the front.

You should stay away from pants with too many details on the waist, like the pleated pants.

Finally, avoid pants with pockets. This will only make your behind look full and larger.


If you wear a nice skirt, it will help show off your nice legs. Just make sure that you keep them no shorter than above the knee because this will make you look top-heavy. A flare apple shape clothes or flirty skirt will balance you out. For apple shape body, A-lines would work great.


In selecting tops, make sure that you select those with the best necklines. Choose V-neck shirts, tops, or blouses. V-necks will help you show some skin. This will take off the attention of your tummy and put the focus instead on your face. Make sure you choose products with embellishments or cutouts at the neckline.

Aside from this, you can also choose the tops that are knotted at the bust or empire waist tops. This can also do magic. They can help highlight your slimmest body part that is under your bust.

You can also try tops with flared sleeves or those with details on the sleeves. This will help draw off the attention away from your tummy. Make sure that the tops you choose cover your entire tummy and end below your hipbone.

See to it that you avoid wearing baggy tops. Indeed, as one age and gain weight in the belly, there is a tendency to wear something loose and big to cover up. However, wearing a baggy top will only make you look bigger.

Always remember that your top must always be slightly fitted and it must flow gently in your belly. Do not choose tops that will cling on your tummy.


In selecting the right undergarments, make sure that you buy a good bra that will lift your bust off your tummy. The apple-shape body must have a bra that can separate their bust from their tummy or you will look like a big ball.

Make sure that your breasts sit halfway of your elbows and shoulders. A good bra will do the magic. With sagging breasts, it will make you look old and frumpy and you must avoid this look.

Apart from good bra support, you can also try wearing tummy shapewear. This can also help in minimizing the apple tummy.